Rush Rush

You're the whisper of
a summer breeze
you're the kiss that
puts my soul at ease
what I’m saying is I’m
in to you
here's my story, and
the story goes

you give love, you get
love and more than
heaven knows
you're gonna see
I’m gonna run, I’m gonna try
I’m gonna take this love
right to ya
all my heart, all the joy
oh baby, baby please

rush, rush
hurry, hurry lover, come to me
rush, rush
I wanna see, I wanna see ya
get free with me
rush, rush
I can feel it, I can feel
you all through me
rush, rush
ooh what you do to me

and all I want from you
is what you are
and even if you're
right next to me
you're still too far
away if I’m not inside
your arms
I get dramatic baby, yes I know
but I need you, I want you
ooh man, I love you so

ooh, ooh

You're gonna see
I’m gonna run, I’m gonna try